Hostel & Mess

The Hostel

The School has arrangement to accomonodate outstation female students in rooms of Girl Hostel with full facilities and 24 hrs. security arrangement.


Co-operative Mess is available inside the hostel premises with Dining Hall for daily meals. Only vegetarian food will be served in the mess Water Cooler is available for drinking water.

Hostel Fee

Hostel Charges 4000/per (Including Electricity Charge + Mess charge)

Rules & Regulation for Hostelers

  • Hostel fee will be charged at the time of admission for whole year, No part payment will be allowed.
  • Every resident of Hostel will be responsible for the allotted room furniture, bulbs tube lights etc.
  • Male relatives/friends or any guest will not be allowed to visit the female hostel and none will be allowed to stay there.
  • Room A.C.,Heater, Room Heater (Blower), Radio, Tape Recorder or any other music instrument is not allowed in the room.
  • Hostel authority will not be responsible for anything missing from the room.
  • Prior permission will have to be obtained to leave the hostel for any work.
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco, smoking or any other intoxicant in the hostel are strictly prohibited.
  • No resident will be allowed to prepare or make meal in the room except in case of sickness.
  • Ragging in any form will be treated as major misconduct and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Silence should be maintained in the hostel and room lights to be put off by 11 pm.
  • Student are not allowed to keep, possess or use the mobile phones.
  • Student violating rules & regulation including standing rules will have to face disciplinary action.

Visit By Parent/Guardians

In case parents/guardians of the student want to visit their child must take prior permission from school administration.